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Course Descriptions

All training courses are hands-on with horses who are patient and willing. You'll learn through a combination of PowerPoint, video and real-life scenarios how to handle even the most extreme emergency with confidence and skill. No experience is necessary and you'll never be put 'on the spot'... just tactile learning with horses in a supportive and fun environment. From the newbie to the most seasoned horse person... everyone will learn something new! (Eligible for equine insurance discounts, EAGALA credits, PATH credits, IAABC credits, and more)Eligible for green certificate/high school ag sign-off

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Equine Health and Emergency First Aid Training Course - $169 

This is a one-day hands-on course with horses covering: what your vet needs to know when you call, conditioning a horse to accept treatment, taking proper vital signs, dealing with lacerations, punctures, colic, choke, collapse, casting, shock, hoof issues, recognizing pain in the horse, sources of pain and alleviation, spinal health, injury prevention and so much more!


All attendees receive a certificate of completion and a first aid manual. This course also earns you professional development credits with Equestrian Canada as well as equine-related insurance discounts!


(The basic first aid course is recommended prior to taking the advanced course.)  


First Aid Fundamentals Course - $99 

This is a half-day, fast-paced clinic covering the fundamentals of first aid. Working hands-on with the horses, you will learn to take vital signs, recognize pain in the horse, detect colic, and participate in lots of bandaging in realistic scenarios! All attendees will receive a first aid reference booklet.

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Advanced Emergency First Aid Training Course - $169 

Plan, prepare, react to any emergency! Join us for a one-day highly advanced equine emergency first aid course and learn what to do in more extreme situations!


This course covers everything from assessing the condition of a horse, trapped horses, poison, burns, bites, hypo/hyperthermia, tie ups, fractures, sucking chest wounds and more. It prepares the student to handle the most serious injuries, where without human intervention, the horse will not survive.  

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Advanced First Aid - Wilderness Edition - $169

A wilderness version of the Advanced course, this one-day, highly advanced equine emergency first aid training class is for the adventurous outdoor rider. With a camping and stitching component, this also covers everything including trapped horses, poison, burns and bites, hypo/hyperthermia, tie-ups, fractures, and sucking chest wounds.

This course prepares the student to handle the most serious injuries, where without human intervention, the horse will not survive.

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Horseman's Backcountry Guide to First Aid $99

A condensed version of our wilderness first aid, this half day course will help you learn how to plan, prepare and react to emergencies while you're out in the backcountry.  From communications to packing, injury to illness, this condensed course is filled with must-know before you go information.

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Disaster Planning and Emergency Preparedness Course - $169

A MUST for any livestock owner, this course will train you in fire prevention, planning for and executing safe evacuation procedures, hidden dangers and responding to first aid emergencies. It also covers what to do in natural disasters such as flooding, wildfires, ice storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and more.


Don't be unprepared - we can help you help your animals. This course is suitable for any livestock operation, not just horses, and is supported by the insurance industry.

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Safe Trailering Practices - $169 

Keeping your horse safe is your number one priority. Is your trailer safe and do you know what your horse experiences during a collision? What are the protocols, your responsibilities and liabilities when involved in an accident, and the laws around hauling? Do you know if the size and layout of your trailer provide your horse comfort and stability, or if is putting strain on their body, leading to potential injury?


Join us for a hands-on day of learning how to keep your horse as safe as possible and how to be prepared for the unthinkable. 

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Horse and Livestock Emergency Management for First Responders - $169 (inquire for group rates)

Many first responders have never been exposed to working with horses and livestock yet are called in the line of duty to deal with these animals in fires, accidents, natural disasters, escapes, and more.


This one or two-day optional training exclusive to first responders teaches how to keep themselves and the public safe, while having the knowledge and confidence to work with all types of livestock, with a focus on horses. Contact us for group rates for your department!

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I Can Help - Horse First Aid for
Kids Course - $69

Have a horse-crazy youngster? Sign them up for the 3-hour kids’ program. They'll learn horse safety and basic first aid in a fun, hands-on environment. There's even a recipe for horse cookies in their manual, and they'll all get a frameable certificate of completion! No horse experience is necessary!  

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