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EquiFirst Aid
Instructor Training 


EquiFirst Aid East Coast is happy to offer instructor training that can be done in two days of "Live" training at a host location or another location as arranged by EFAEC. Additionally, the student will complete self-paced online modules, and Zoom sessions with EFAEC. This training path will lead to certification to teach the EquiFirst Aid USA curriculums. 

You CAN be an Instructor with EquiFirst Aid East Coast/USA!

You can make a difference by joining the team of dynamic instructors at EquiFirst Aid East Coast/USA

A difference in:

> The lives of horses

> The knowledge and confidence of horse owners

> your own life... financially, spiritually, and in the time you get to spend with your family

If accepted into the program, instructor candidates are provided with:

- pre-course first aid study manuals and videos

- Hands-on training, live Zoom sessions with their trainer, and self-paced online and print material.

- PowerPoint presentations to run the classes and to provide support

- access to a closed Facebook Workplace group

- access to a closed instructors-only area of the website

- follow-up support and referrals from EquiFirst Aid East Coast (when available)

- ongoing support and referrals from the Head Office (when available)

- company t-shirt and certificate of achievement

Our instructors enjoy a profit teaching and can teach when, where, and how often they like.

Apply today or contact us to learn more!

Want to chat with some existing instructors? We can put you in touch!


Talk with us about your situation. We are here to help!

Tuition/Certificate to Teach $2,999

Includes a teaching certificate that allows you to teach: 

Equine Health and Emergency First Aid

Advanced Equine Emergency First Aid

Advanced Equine Emergency First Aid - Wilderness Addition 

Equine First Aid Fundamentals

I Can Help - Kids Horse First Aid

Back Country Remote First Aid

Additional training $799/each or take all three for $1500

Includes a teaching certificate that allows you to teach:

 Disaster Planning and Emergency Preparedness

 Safe Trailering

 Horse and Livestock Handling for First Responders 
Essentials in Emergency Preparedness 


*refunds will not be issued to failed or withdrawn students. Tuition is non-transferable

**please consult with your tax professional


Equine First Aid Instructor - Code of Ethics

1. The EFAI will at all times consider the needs and safety of the horse(s) while teaching first aid, in order to ensure proper care and treatment of the horse.

2. The EFAI is not a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine and will not identify him or herself in any such capacity, nor diagnose illness or condition nor provide advice nor administer medications.

3. Horses are living, breathing, reacting animals. While teaching, the EFAI will consider the safety of the students at all times.

4. The EFAI will provide first aid services for any horse that may require it, contacting the local veterinarian as necessary.

5. The EFAI is representing Equi-First Aid USA, and will strive to maintain the high standards set for EFA Instructors.

6. The EFAI is responsible for ensuring that all students leave his or her course with an acceptable level of understanding of the course content.

7. The EFAI will strive to improve his or her equine knowledge and skills, and is encouraged to collaborate with other professionals in the equine world.

8. The EFAI is entitled to charge fees for professional services, however regardless of fees charged or received, the quality of instruction must be maintained with the usual professional standard.

9. The EFAI will carry personal liability teaching insurance and will present to host and/or student upon request.

10. The EFAI will, at all times, conduct him/herself with the utmost level of professionalism.

Training Itinerary 

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All Videos

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