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Become an EquiFirst Aid Instructor 

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Become an Equine First Aid Instructor

Do you enjoy working with horses and people? Do you like to travel, market yourself, and network? Would you like an opportunity to work part or full-time at a schedule you create, and be your own boss? 

Most'll be teaching valuable horsemanship skills to the equestrian public and first responders. 

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Become an Equine First Aid Instructor while hosting! 

Thinking of becoming an instructor but the time is not right, want more information, or need to earn extra income to pay tuition? 

Whatever your reason for waiting to become an Instructor, our new "Host-To-Instructor" program may be the answer. 

  • Earn while you learn

  • Build your network

  • Graduate from Host to Instructor

For more details contact us HERE

Teaching "Response Ability"
Become an Equine First Aid Instructor
For the Life and Love of the Horse

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Instructor Training 
"Response Ability"
For the Life and Love of the Horse! 

Instructors learn via hands-on live, online, or a hybrid combination. Included in your tuition is support and training from EquiFirst Aid East Coast and EquiFirst Aid USA. 

Instructors are independent contractors, keep track of their federal and state tax liability, and must carry a Horse Business Liability Insurance policy. Instructors will be certified to teach once tuition is paid, insurance is in place and training is complete. Training consists of classroom instruction and hands-on exercises that can be completed at a live training session, online via Zoom, or a combination of the two. Traveling to and from training sites is the responsibility of the student.

Instructors are added to the exclusive Instructors Facebook page as well as our EquiFirst Aid East Coast group. Supplies are the responsibility of the instructor.  

For more info on training 

Teach the Equestrian Public
and others Valuable Skills 
While you Earn Money


We know you have some questions .... check out the FAQs below to see if we can answer them!


Q. Is the tuition tax deductible? *Please consult with a tax advisor about your personal situation. Our answer is generic and does not take into consideration your personal financial situation. The answers are based on research with the IRS website and are not reflective of any state taxation sites. 

A. YES! It can be claimed as a business expense if you are an existing horse business and are adding our teaching certification to your professional services. If you are just starting out in the horse business and do not have an existing business, it may be deductible as a personal expense if you itemize on your federal taxes. 

Q. How long will it take me to recover my investment?

A. You'll earn back your tuition fee with each student you teach, so every instructor is different.


Q. What does my tuition include?

A. Your study materials include your instructor teaching manuals for Basic, and Advanced, Fundamentals, and I Can Help. You will also receive the PowerPoint slides for your class presentations, Classroom outlines to help you organize your thoughts and classroom days, links to helpful training videos, the instructor's website for more resources, and our Instructor's Facebook group. The training itself is 3 days in length and can be done in person at our Training Barn in Upstate NY (Binghamton area) or at a scheduled location. The training can also be done online. Online will be used when it is not feasible for us to train you at a scheduled training or at our barn. All training will be virtual with Zoom meetings and Video. You will need to provide your own supplies. When we train at our barn or a scheduled barn we provide the supplies. Accommodations for any training will be your responsibility


Q. When I take the training, do I work for Equi-First Aid?

A. Students who successfully complete the instructor training course become independent contractors for EquiFirst Aid East Coast/USA, not an employee. That means that you get to control when, how, how often and to whom you teach. *Write off's may include your equine-related expenses (including a portion of your horses at home provided you teach there once a year), travel costs, and the general costs of running a business. We have instructors across Canada, the United States, France, Switzerland, and Australia. 

*Please consult with a tax professional about your tax situation


Q. Do I have to find my own host barns and students to teach?

A. Yes and No. We market together. Part of your training includes marketing your own courses and we encourage you to use your contacts in the horse world, however, we also market heavily for our instructors through social media campaigns, magazine and print ads, posts as well as market your courses on the websites (East Coast and USA), send you leads and refer students and host locations to you. We may also contact you to teach a course that has already been set up, giving you another source of revenue. 


Q. Are there territories?

A. No. Territories are unnecessary. Not only do we currently offer different training courses for different equestrians, but there are nearly 5 million people involved with horses in the United States, 1 million in Canada, 1.2 million riders in the UK... so there is plenty of clients for all our instructors to travel and teach wherever they want!  We have one instructor who teaches at a guest ranch in Costa Rica every year. You are eligible to teach anywhere you'd like...... get that passport out!


Q. Are there payment plans?

A. Yes. You can split the tuition into payments. Certification is not awarded until payment is made in full, however, you may book classes beyond the date of your expected graduation and apply those registration funds to your tuition. Please speak with us regarding your situation. 

*refunds will not be issued to failed or withdrawn students. Tuition is non-transferable*


Q. So how does it 'work' when I teach?

A. Once you have a class scheduled at your own ranch or a host location, we advertise your course on the company website and you advertise locally. The primary course is offered nationwide at the standard fee of $159.00. You collect the fees from your students directly. You then order your course manuals from East Coast at a cost of $40.00 per student (includes their first aid manual, certificate of completion, and normal/abnormal card). You will be responsible for your own teaching insurance and soft goods.  Don't worry - we will go through all the 'business' end of things in your training and you have unlimited phone coaching available!


Q. Do I have to re-certify or pay a relicensing fee at any point?

A. Yes, you will pay a $99 fee to Head Office by Dec 31 of each year. Your certification is valid for 3 years. After 3 years you will re-certify online, to obtain your lifetime certification and senior instructor status. This is a one-time cost of $299 and includes a short online exam. 


Q. What kind of support do I have?

A. We really are a family. We have a private instructors-only page on the website where you can download handouts, marketing ideas, sample posters and brochures, sample forms, emails, photos for marketing, etc. We also have a closed Facebook group where instructors from across the world can share ideas, stories, and the like.

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