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"Response Ability" for the Love and Life of the Horse. 

EquiFirst Aid East Coast is a leading provider in equine and canine health, safety and first aid certification

EquiFirst Aid East Coast LLC is certified to teach the Equestrian public equine first aid training and canine first aid training, as well as to train instructors in the Equine and Livestock Education Series from EquiFirst Aid USA.


  • Equine Health and Emergency First Aid (equine first aid training)

  • Back Country Remote Equine First Aid (equine first aid training) 

  • Advanced Equine Emergency First Aid (equine first aid training)

  • Advanced Equine Emergency First Aid - Wilderness Version (equine first aid training)

  • Equine First Aid Fundamentals (equine first aid training)

  • I Can Help - Kids version   (equine first aid training)                          

  • Disaster Planning and Emergency Preparedness                                              (for Farms, Barns, Stables, and Ag Businesses)

  • Safe Trailering 

  • Horse and Livestock Handling for First Responders (livestock handling training)

  • Canine Health and CPR - Emergency First Aid (canine first aid training)

  • Advanced Canine First Aid Response (canine first aid training)

  • Canine Working Dog Emergency First Aid Response (canine first aid training)

  • Canine Health and Emergency First Aid for Working Service and Therapy Dogs (canine first aid training)

   We are also the Licensed NY Affiliate for EquiFirst Aid USA,

   exclusively certifying instructors in equine first aid training. 

Our Classes Are:

  • Eligible for green certificate/high school ag sign-off

  • Eligible for favorable insurance rates on equine mortality – certificate must be shown

  • Eligible for PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International) CE credits.

  • Eligible for EAGALA CE credits

  • Eligible for IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants) CE credits


Our Vision 

At Equi-First Aid East Coast/USA, we strive to expand the knowledge and confidence level of all horse owners in the area of equine health care and emergency response, as well as disaster planning and safe trailering practices. We do this to improve the lives of horses and increase the equine survival rate in an emergency.

EquiFirst Aid East Coast is a licensed affiliate of Equi-First Aid USA and Equi-Health Canada. Specializing in equine health, safety, and first aid training, EquiFirst Aid East Coast offers comprehensive education in Equine Health and Emergency First Aid.

With a focus on equine welfare, EquiFirst Aid East Coast provides valuable knowledge and practical skills to horse owners, trainers, and equestrian professionals. Their courses cover a wide range of topics, including basic first-aid techniques, injury assessment, wound care, and emergency response protocols specific to horses. Participants gain the necessary expertise to handle common health issues and emergencies that may arise in equine settings.

EquiFirst Aid East Coast's training programs are recognized and approved by the Path-Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship and EAGALA, allowing participants to earn Continuing Education (CE) credits. This affiliation ensures that their courses meet the highest industry standards and provide professionals with the required qualifications and knowledge to work effectively in therapeutic horsemanship and equine-assisted therapy programs.

In addition to equine health and emergency first aid education, EquiFirst Aid East Coast offers specialized training in disaster planning for farms, barns, and stables. This invaluable information helps equine facility owners and managers develop comprehensive emergency response plans to safeguard the well-being of horses and other livestock during natural disasters or unforeseen events.

EquiFirst Aid East Coast also offers training in safe trailering techniques, ensuring that horse owners and handlers understand proper loading, transportation, and unloading procedures to minimize stress and injury during travel, and the ins and outs of buying and maintaining trailers. They provide essential guidance on best practices for horse and livestock handling, particularly for first responders who may encounter equine-related incidents during their duties.

Moreover, EquiFirst Aid East Coast offers a Certified Safe Facility Program, designed to assess and enhance safety protocols and procedures at equine facilities. By obtaining this certification, facility owners and managers demonstrate their commitment to providing a safe environment for both horses and humans.

Additionally, EquiFirst Aid East Coast is a great resource for First Responders when dealing with animals. Their "Livestock Handling and Safety for First Responders" course is designed to educate First Responders about animal behavior, sight, and response, allowing them to spend more time saving the animal and less time figuring out how to handle the animal.

Through EquiFirst Aid East Coast's comprehensive equine health and safety training programs, participants gain essential knowledge and skills that empower them to respond effectively to emergencies, prevent injuries, and ensure the overall well-being of horses and livestock in their care.

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