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Attend an Equine/Canine Class
What's it like to attend one of our classes?
Here's what to expect! 

All training courses (except Zoom/Online) are hands-on with horses who are patient and willing and with stuffed dogs in the canine class.

You'll learn through a combination of PowerPoint, video, and hands-on demos and practice, how to handle even the most extreme emergency with confidence and skill. No experience is necessary to attend an Equine/Canine Class and you'll never be put 'on the spot'... just tactile learning in a supportive and fun environment. From the newbie to the most seasoned horse person... everyone will learn something new!

(Eligible for equine insurance discounts, EAGALA credits, PATH credits, IAABC credits, and more)


Interview with EquiFirst Aid East Coast at WNY Equifest - The Leadline Podcast

Interview with EquiFirst Aid East Coast at WNY Equifest - The Leadline Podcast

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- Earn while you Learn                          - Build Your Network
 Have you taken our classes and thought
   "I could do that!"?

Our Student-To-Instructor program at EquiFirst Aid East Coast is your next step!          

3-4 Hours Classroom Time
PowerPoint Slides and Exploring Your Manual

3 to 4 hours of classroom time viewing PowerPoint slides and exploring our manuals gives us the essential information needed to handle the hands-on demos and real-life situations you will encounter.

This content is covered on-site in the barn alley, arena, or other covered space. 

This portion can also be covered via Zoom with an optional hands-on at a host farm. 

Hands-on Learning

Hands-on demonstrations and learning let you put into practice what you have learned in the classroom portion. 

Zoom classroom attendees also have the option to add the hands-on portion if there is a host farm available to facilitate. 

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